Can Rehab Help?

Overcoming Addiction in an Inpatient Setting

Making the Decision to Enter Rehab Is the First Step Toward Overcoming Addiction


Finding an inpatient treatment center that’s the best fit for your individual needs means the difference between continuing to struggle and regaining your health… and life.

Our mission is to help you get the information you need so you can make the best possible decision for you and your loved ones. You can learn a lot just by reading through this website, but you may find it even more helpful to talk with one of our addiction rehab counselors. Your call is completely confidential, always.



Why Inpatient Addiction Treatment?


Wrestling your life back from the grip of addiction is serious business. While outpatient support groups and treatment can be somewhat effective for some people, we understand that this is not a battle you want to have to fight over and over and over. Outpatient options often seem better-suited for people whose addictions are mild – more a nuisance than a matter of life or death.

Inpatient treatment centers are a better choice for people who have come to realize that their addictions are jeopardizing their jobs, family, health, and life. Because you will reside within the facility, you will be free to focus on your recovery rather than trying to keep up with the demands of everyday life at the same time.

It is this distraction-free, supportive setting, you can devote your attention to what matters most… your recovery.

Steps toward Overcoming Addiction


Detoxification is often the first step towards recovery during inpatient rehab. The patient will be weaned off the substance being abused. Most of the time, this causes withdrawal symptoms which can be intense. Detoxing with medical supervision within a facility is the safest and most comfortable first step in the recovery process.

The next step is addressing the underlying causes of addiction. During this time, support from peers and medical professions is involved. Many treatment programs are specialized for the individual patient, creating a unique treatment plan for your needs throughout your journey to recovery. Individual therapy, group therapy sessions, life skills sessions, and free time activities may all play a part in helping you heal.

There are various kinds of inpatient programs available to you. Most treatment facilities offer clinically effective treatment methods, such as individual and group therapy.

Holistic programs are a treatment option that considers the entire body, often involving natural remedies of promoting sobriety, health, and happiness. There are rehab programs specifically for either men or women only for individuals who wish to avoid distractions regarding their opposite sex as well as address issues specific to their gender.


Overcoming Addiction for Life

Ongoing treatment may be offered to patients upon completion of the first step of rehabilitation. There are multiple options for long-term rehabilitation, such as private therapy and regular participation in support groups. Many patients decide to participate in extended care programs to maintain a life of sobriety.

Extended-care programs are designed for those who have finished a rehabilitation program and now seek support before returning to normal life. If the patient’s living situation has a negative impact on recovery, this is an especially good option.

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