Drug Addiction

What Started Out as Experimenting Becomes a Drug Addiction that Won’t Quit


Just a bump. One pill. A little sniff. And now, if you’re honest, you know you’re battling a serious drug addiction.

Maybe you started experimenting in school. Or, maybe a friend gave you your first taste, and after a while, you found you really liked it. Maybe your experimentation is now a raging craving for “just a little more” and your life is becoming unmanageable.

You keep saying, “This is it. This is my last time using.” But after you’ve told yourself that enough times, even you don’t believe it. It’s not that you want to be addicted… it’s just that you’re so far in now that your body and mind practically scream at you when you try to break free.

You’re scared. Everything you love could vanish if you don’t get clean. That job you worked so hard to land – and where your secret is probably not as secret as you think. The relationships you cherish are in danger, too. You feel the crushing weight of disappointing the people you love every single time you use again.

Your body can’t keep this up forever. You know the risks of overdose. You can feel the drugs taking a toll on your health. Your skin looks different. There’s the sweating, the dizziness, the memory lapses. The last “tolerance break” you tried ended faster than ever – it just hurt too much.

It’s time to get help.

Drugs Alter the Mind


Across the nation, there is a debate regarding the definition of drugs. However, the true definition of a drug is any substance, that is not food, that alters the way that your body and mind operate.

Drugs typically slow or speed up your perception of reality and creates a high that can feel pleasant. However, substances like alcohol and even caffeine are also drugs. And unfortunately, addiction to any drug originates in the mind.

Common drugs we see people struggling with the most now include:

Meth (Methamphetamine)
Inhalants such as Aerosols or Nitrites
Cocaine and crack
Hallucinogens including mushrooms, PCP, and Acid

How Drug Addiction Can Grow


Addiction typically starts because a drug makes you feel better. For this reason, even prescription drugs, like codeine and morphine, can be addictive. The biggest influence drugs have on your mental process is the release of endorphin chemicals. When this happens, you feel high levels of pleasure.

Unfortunately, this can result in becoming reliant on a drug to create this state. Even worse, drugs activate the opioid receptors in the brain at an incredibly high level.
As a result, addiction begins and can devastate your life.

Drug Addiction Treatment Methods


Drug addiction is treated using a variety of techniques, including:
Detoxification through withdrawal
Inpatient treatment that provides an in-depth recovery
Outpatient treatment that lets you stay outside of the facility
Medication for withdrawal symptoms
Depression and physical health treatments
Psychological treatments to manage co-occurring disorders
Behavioral therapy to destroy dangerous behavior patterns
Aftercare to prevent relapse

Drug Addiction Treatment Methods


If you think this kind of treatment is right for you, please contact us immediately by calling 888-623-1522. We believe in your ability to beat drug addiction and will fight for you when nobody else will. Let us provide you with the caring and nurturing environment you need to become drug-free.