Drug and alcohol rehab

What to Expect After You Leave a Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The day that you graduate from your drug rehabilitation program is very significant in your recovery as you can finally say that you’ve taken major steps to overcome your drug addiction and you are ready to begin a new drug-free life. However, maintaining sobriety outside of rehab will require a few extra steps. Here are a few tips to follow to prepare your life following rehab graduation.

Get a Support System

Following graduation, the first few weeks or months may be the most difficult. Throughout this time, it’s important to have a good, reliable support system that will help you out. This could include a sponsor, your friends, your family, and even group therapy meetings.

Surround Yourself with Sober People

Hanging out with your sober friends is a much better idea than surrounding yourself with those who are using drugs and alcohol. The most common factor towards relapse and usage is peer pressure. Focus your time and energy on doing sober activities and interests and a drug relapse is much less likely.

See a Counselor

It’s important to maintain a healthy mental state while you’re recovering. Even if you have no diagnosis and are just continuing progress in your program, finding a good counselor can be extremely helpful. Most rehab programs can help you find a counselor before you are finished there. If you’re unable to find one, keep an eye out for counselors that specialize in addiction therapy.

Avoid Tempting Environments

Certain environments can trigger relapses once you have left rehab. Make sure to avoid the places or people that often result in you using again. The temptation is not worth it.

Get in Shape

Exercising is a great way to continue recovery after rehab graduation. Try joining the gym or searching for free fitness workouts to try at home. Find some activities you enjoy so that you’ll be more motivated to continue getting in shape.

Help Other Addicts

Do you remember what it was like in the very early days of your rehabilitation? You probably wish to have had someone helping you. You’re able to be that helpful person for another struggling addict going through recovery. Helping another person also boosts your self-confidence by having done something good for somebody.

Keep in mind that drug and alcohol rehab graduation isn’t the end of your recovery journey. Hard work is important when maintaining sobriety even upon completion of the program.

Remember that help is always available if you ever feel overwhelmed. You can maintain a sober, drug-free lifestyle after rehabilitation. If you’re seeing signs of relapse and feel like you need some help, give us a call at 888-623-1522.