Treating Addiction

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment


Recovering from an addiction can often be a struggle. As everyone with an addiction differs, the steps towards treatment vary as well. What can be expected of alcohol and drug addiction treatment depends on the substance abuse being treated.

Here are some common treatment methods used during most forms of addiction rehab. For more information on the road to recovery, get in contact with one of our advisors to discuss the treatment options best for you.

Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

During detox, the body is slowly weaned off of the substance under supervision of medical professionals. As withdrawal symptoms are common during this stage, medicinal assistance is usually involved.


Upon completion of the detoxification process, inpatient or outpatient alcohol and drug addiction treatment is the next step. The patient will receive treatment to heal both mentally and physically from the effects of addiction.


Watching the effects of addiction on a loved one is difficult especially when they can’t or won’t recognize the issue. Conducting an intervention is not a favorable decision to make, yet sometimes it is necessary.

Substance Abuse Therapy

With the help of therapy, addicts are able to gain a better understanding of the factors behind their addiction. Individual and group sessions can help the patient improve their life skills and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

Long-Term Care

In order to remain sober and maintain recovery, a support mechanism is key. Attending group therapy to interact with people in similar situations is a great way to establish this.

Sober Living Arrangements

Being surrounded by other recovering addicts working towards a healthy, functional lifestyle is conducive to recovery for many people by providing support and structure.

Preventing a Relapse

It’s important to understand yourself and your addiction in order to avoid situations and environments that may trigger a relapse.

Getting Sober and Recovery

Recognizing your addiction and seeking treatment is the first step towards recovering and maintaining a healthy and happy life.

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